Web Site Design


With our Web Site Design services, DreamWeb will creatively construct your site, one word and one graphic at a time.  Using information, logos and graphics you provide to us, your site will emerge as a Strong Business Entity.  Whether you are self employed wearing many hats, or the employer of 50, your site will scream Professionalism all the way!

Your site will be "erected" on a Dummy site for your approval (but unseen by others).  As soon as we receive the Thumbs Up from you, your files will be uploaded to your registered domain...ready for the world to see.  Literally! 

meetingJust as a builder starts with a set of plans, site creation always involves our meeting with you for your input...it includes creative consultation, getting your approval as to the look, feel, and easy maneuverability of the site; your site will contain items provided by you such as  your logo, and/or other images the site.  If you do not have images in uploadable format (gif, tif, jpg, bmp) you will be charged an additional $7 per item that needs scanning.  You will get one free revision before the site debuts, and site will then be uploaded to the server. 

Additional pages and additional graphics can be added as needed.  Remember, this is YOUR SITE and it will be done TO YOUR LIKING.  While we do not do corporate branding, (logo design etc.) we can refer you to an excellent design firm

We do not do Flash, Java Script, video, or animation; If you are selling a product or products, we will link to PayPal at the cost of $25 per product.  PayPal accepts your check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.   Your other option is ClickBank and they charge a one-time startup fee of $49.95.  On top of this charge, we also charge $25 per product linked to your account with ClickBank.  We do not do shopping carts or offer other e-commerce services. 

Both PayPal and ClickBank charges fees per transaction.  Visit their website (via links above) for their fees.  We are not responsible for their fees; none of their fees find their way into our hands.

The client is asked to email content for each page of the website; sending separate emails to avoid confusion.  These pages can be sent within the body of the email, as a Word document, or other RTF type documents.  If you cannot do that, or if your content is only available as a pdf file, there is an extra charge for typesetting at $35 per page.

THERE ARE NO HIDDEN FEES HERE.  We simply ask that you value our time as much as we value your business. 

Here are just a few of the sites I have done: