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Motivational Breakthroughs

Caroline McKeon is a Motivational Speaker, Speakers' Coach, Presentation Specialist, and can energize any talk...any time!  If you want coaching for your next presentation, Call DreamWeb!  If you have your talk outlined but need a workbook or a back-of-the-room item to sell, Call DreamWeb!  Caroline can shape your topic and bring it to life, while carefully crafting your message to reach your audience.

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If you have a planned event and need a Motivational Keynote Speaker, Call DreamWeb!  If you have a product or service and need a speaker, Call DreamWeb!

I worked with Caroline for 6 hours over 2 days. By the second day my confidence was soaring. She gave the insight I needed to influence my audience, no matter what my topic was. She helped me with inspirational stories from my life, and how to convey these to my audience, so that I could connect with them on a personal level. I saw that giving a presentation was not so much about the material, but HOW you presented it. She taught me some tricks on keeping your audience awake and how to reach their emotions. The one-on-one interaction with Caroline was essential because we were able to focus on just my presentation.

It was a great success. I received many compliments the day of the presentation, and the clients that I have called since then have complimented me again on how much they enjoyed my seminar. After the presentation I felt so good I was ready to do another one the next day. This all from someone who used to get a stomach ache at the mere thought of public speaking!  With the help of Caroline, I have the confidence to get my message across and really reach my audience.  Thanks Caroline!
     Shelly Ballard, President, Tarkenton Financial - N. Reddington Beach, FL

Caroline is a Master Storyteller. When she shared her gift with my class, I found myself propelled into her world of real life heroes and heroines. I was able to imagine myself doing great things just like the people she spoke about. This shift in thinking gave me the push I needed to make changes in my life. I am grateful to Caroline for the inspiration and the impact that she has had upon my students; they are now ready to take on the world!  
   Kate Baierlein, Career Services Director, Webster College, Tampa, Florida